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SRC Capital Management is an asset management firm located in downtown Chicago, IL. We provide investment management services for corporate, public and private entities and wealth management. We specialize in the management of value and growth portfolios.

Why choose us?

Our primary focus is to construct client portfolios that align with their long-term investment objectives, risk tolerance and time horizon. We expect the portfolios to generate long-term rates of return that exceed the major market benchmarks like Standard and Poor's, Russell, and Wilshire 5000.

Investment Philosophy

We seek value opportunities across the equity spectrum by applying the Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT) investment concepts. Our primary focus is to screen for value by applying good fundamental analysis and implementing an in-depth research process. We peruse the equity horizon for stocks that have fallen out of favor with wall street analysts along with limited research coverage. Our quantitative approach is structured to minimize downside risk while creating significant total return potential. The primary objective is to construct an optimal investment portfolio that will generate above-average long-term performance exceeding the target benchmarks.

Investment Process

Our investment process is to apply the quantitative investment tools that determine a stock's intrinsic value. We start by screening for stocks trading at a significant discount to their intrinsic values based on the key market multiples such as price/earnings, price/book, price sales, EBITDA multiples and enterprise value. The quantitative approach is structured to identify a stock's minimal downside risk while acknowledging significant long-term total return potential. The end-result is constructing an optimal investment portfolio.

"Growth investing is the hare racing at top speed, value performance is the tortoise sustaining the long-term lead."

Our People

Richard Smith

CEO and Chief Investment Officer


Richard Smith

CEO and Chief Investment Officer

Richard Smith is the Founding Principal, and serves as the CEO and Chief Investment Officer of SRC Capital Management, LLC. Mr. Smith has over 35 years of investment experience. Mr. Smith was Vice President of Research and Director of Trading at the Kenwood Group, formerly a Chicago-based investment management firm with over $400 million in assets under management. In this capacity, Mr. Smith served as the senior equity analyst responsible for various institutional accounts. Prior to joining the Kenwood Group, Mr. Smith worked as a research analyst and portfolio manager for First Chicago/First Chicago Investment Advisors. Mr. Smith received both a B.S. and a M.B.A. in Finance from DePaul University.

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